Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack | Review

Hey everyone..!! today i’m gonna review a face mask which I’ve been using constantly from past 4 – 6 weeks. now i thought its the right time to share my views on this. I’m talking about the Jeva Japanese Matcha Face Pack . Although it’s not that very new in the market but i’m using it for quite a long time , so i thought i must share it with you guys.

now lets quickly jump into the review..!

Brand Claims –

Jeva’s Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack with Argan Oil is a creamy and delightfully fragranced mask made from natural oil-absorbent clays that rejuvenates and revitalises your skin.Enriched with the goodness of Japanese Green Tea and Argan Oil, this instantly nourishing face mask spreads easily and leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Loaded with hand-picked ingredients, this natural ingredient mask fights acne, removes excess oil from the skin surface and keeps it soft, supple and glowing. Antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea and the moisturizing benefits of Argan Oil blend together to give skin a healthy and radiant boost along with retaining skin’s natural moisture. The face pack’s soft and creamy formula is non-drying on skin, is easy to use and wash off. It removes pollutants and impurities from deep within and reveals radiant, younger-looking skin. A must-have product for all skin types.”

Price –

INR 449/- for 100gm (you can get it on discount around 299/- most of the time) from Nykaa

Shelf Life –

2 years from mfg

Ingredients –

Packaging –

The Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack comes in plastic tub (which almost looks like a glass tub) along with an outer cardboard box packaging. it has a black color screw cap with a protective lid beneath it to prevent spill out. the outer box and the tub itself has all the important details written on it. that means you don’t have to keep the outer box with you all the time, which is good. ( that’s why i miss place the box too :p)

Texture & Fragrance –

The texture of Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack is very creamy and smooth. it spreads very smoothly on the skin. I love the texture of it. once it dries it doesn’t feel stretchy or cracks up. it feels very comfortable on the skin. it smells a little too strong ( for my liking) but smells nice and fresh. its not that over powering , but it would have been even better if it had a milder fragrance.

How to Use –

  • Apply the pack to the face and neck avoiding contact with eyes.
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes for it to dry.
  • Rinse with warm water and feel the difference
  • For optimal results, use 2-3 times per week.

My Experience with Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack

For me, the Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack is an amaing with such an affordable price I have a very oily and acne prone skin. it really helped me in drying out my active pimples and calming down my skin. it doesn’t dry out my skin at all like other oil control , anti acne clay masks. my skin feels so fresh and brightened after using it. skin feels so clean and clear. sometimes i use it as a spot treatment as well whenever i got a new pimple on my face. and it really worked in that way also. it didn’t cause any breakouts or irritation during /after application. i really enjoy using it.

The Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack is definitely suitable for all skin types. But like they say , skin care is a journey ! its not at all any magic that would work over night. you’ll have to be very constant and loyal to your skin care regime to do it’s magic, no matter what product you’re using you need to use it for couple of weeks and be patient. I kid you not, I’m using the Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack almost every single day religiously and it really worked for me. now i can see the difference in my skin. its doing quite good these days . and because just to try out the face pack i’m not using any other mask. so i can tell its definitely the Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack that is doing good for my skin.

Now i get lesser acne and the previous acne marks are also slightly fading away. my skin looks brighter and glowy from within. Now i’m eyeing on their Coffee variant to try 😉

Pros of Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack –

  • Suites all skin types
  • Gives instant brightened and glowy skin
  • very soft creamy and smooth texture
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Fights acne and remove excess oil
  • Gives clear and refreshed skin
  • Affordable
  • Enriched with Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Argan Oil

Cons of Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack –

  • Doesn’t come with a spatula
  • Fragrance would have been milder ( But to be honest i don’t really mind any of those cons )

Recommendation -YES ! I’d highly recommend the Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack. its an amazing mask that caters to all skin types that too with such an affordable price. you can definitely give it a try if you are looking for a mask that gives you a healthy looking skin.

So guys, thats all for todays post. i hope you found it helpful. let me know if you’ve already tried the Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack. now I’ll see you in my next post. till then stay happy and beYOUtiful !!

Lots of Love,


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