Top 8 Affordable Face Moisturizers for Summers

Even in Summers our skin needs moisturization. No matter how high temperature or humidity goes, its very important to use a moisturizer in summers as well. All we need to do is to choose our face moisturizer very wisely according to the weather and skin type.

We don’t want a heavy and thick moisturizer in summers that can make our skin more sticky and sweaty. that’s where the lightweight moisturizers come up to the rescue. while choosing a moisturizer in hot n humid weather we should keep few points in mind- that it should be a gel based or water based, lightweight , fast absorbing , non-sticky and oil-free , gives matte finish.

To help you out in picking up the right moisturizer for this hot season, here are few of my favorite lightweight that are sure to leave your skin happy and hydrated—not greasy—in this humidity.

1- PLUM GREEN TEA Mattifying Moisturizer

Price- INR 470/- for 50ml

I’m a big fan of PLUM Green Tea Range. I just love their mattifying moisturizer as well as their night repair gel cream. This matte finish moisturizer suits all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skin. it keeps your skin hydrated and feels so fresh n lightweight. it contains green tea extracts which feels so refreshing. the best part is that its all natural and dosn’t have parabens , SLS, and any harmful chemicals.

2- SIMPLE Hydrating Light Moisturizer

Price – INR 385/- for 125ml

Simple is a brand which is “Sensitive Skin Expert” . Their products are specially designed for extremely sensitive skin. Their Hydrating Light Moisturizer is carefully crafted with multi-vitamins and purest skin-loving ingredients to keep your skin moisturized and pampered for hours. its suitable for all skin types. its also a very good option for summers. Also, free from artificial fragrance and other harsh chemicals.

3- The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

Price – INR 450/- for 300ml

This Aloe Vera based gel with 99% of Aloe Vera Extract is great for all skin types. Specially for the summers. this is such a savoir in hot n humid weather. As we all know aloe is extreamly great for all skin types. it hydrates , makes your skin really calm n less irritable when its hot outside. this huge tube lasts you so long. a little bit goes a long way. you can use it not only on your face but on your whole body to soothe your self from any kind of sun burn. you can also use it underneath you makeup as a primer. it also comes in huge tub as well. aloe vera is so multitasking n great for our skin thats why i thought of including this in my list.

4- BIOTIQUE Morning Nectar Moisturizer

Price – INR 199/- for 120ml

Next is from Biotique. this is their Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Skin Moisturizer. Again something very light so fresh and quickly absorbing. also suitable for all skin types. this is a very good moisturizer for the summer with such an affordable price. this is made with all natural ingredient. again the bottle lasts you for a couple of moths because you just need a very little amount. the only thing that i dont like that much about it is its strong smell. if you don’t like overly fragranced moisturizer then you shouldn’t go for this.

5- Loreal Hydrafresh Genius Multi-Active Essence Cream

Price- INR 599/- for 50ml

I really wanted to include only affordable moisturizers in this list which is under Rs. 500/-. but then i had to add this gel cream by Loreal Hydrafresh Genius range. It is amazing for summers. Its gel/water based formula keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. it leaves the skin smooth and glowing. So if you can add just rs.100/- more to your rs. 500/- budget then i absolutely recommend this gel cream. also you can get your hands on this during sale as well.

6- Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Cream

Price – INR 520/- for 50gm

The other similar product like the Loreal Hydrafresh one is Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Cream. though it has launched way earlier than the loreal one. it has the same texture, same color, same cooling effect on the skin and also gives a dewy and hydrated skin. its light weight and absorbs into the skin quicly. You can get this one on discount around 400/- to 350/- most of the time.

7- Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer –

Price – INR 75/- for 50ml, 150/- for 100ml, 250/- for 200ml, 349/-for 300ml

This super affordable cream comes in various sizes to choose from. the cream has a light texture that goes into the skin quickly and make it supple n soft. you can use it throughout the year. the dry and combo skin types would enjoy using this but extremely oily skins might wanna stay away from this and try something more gel/water based moisturizers during summer.

8- Ponds Light Moisturizer

Price – INR 115/- for 75ml, 199/- for 150ml, 249/- for 250ml

Again a very similar moisturizer just like the Nivea one. can use it all seasons. it has a light and non-oily formula which suits all skin types. it keeps your skin well moisturized without making it oily or sticky, but still for extremely oily people i would suggest go for a gel based moisturizers. this also comes in different sizes, so choose whatever size tub you wanna go for.

So guys! those were my top summer face moisturizers recommendation in a budget. i hope it will make the job easier to choose your moisturizer according to your skin type. Now i’ll see you in my next post very soon. untill stay happy and beYOUtiful.

Lots of Love,


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