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Hi everyone!

I m Saman, I created this space to share my thoughts and my love for makeup & Beauty with all of you. I m obsessed with makeup products and can talk about makeup all day long. Yes, I do believe that every girl is beautiful in her own way even without makeup, but I also believe that to enhance your natural beauty and confidence you’ll need makeup.  So you will find me here talking about beauty and makeup, reviewing makeup, skin care, hair care, beauty products and creating different makeup looks sometimes.

When my simple hobby became an obsession and obsession turned into my passion, I decided building ‘’BeYOUty Basket’’ for the beauty lover just like me.  Since this is a community where i will be talking about all beauty products and reviewing them ;That’s why I named my blog ‘’BeYOUty Basket’’. Now let’s join hands to spread some love and happiness around the world.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and my content helps you in some way.

That’s all for now !!

If you’re a brand looking for collaboration feel free to connect with me for honest product reviews
Mail me at beyoutybasket@gmail.com

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Saman Khan