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So as you all know that Nykaa has recently launched their own foundation called Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation.  And everyone is reviewing and sharing their thoughts on this new launched foundation on internet. So here is my version of reviewing this foundation. In this post we’ll get to know how this foundation work on my skin and what are my thoughts.

What SKINgenius Foundation Claims

Experience the weightless texture of Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation. This luxurious long-wear formula lasts all day long, keeping your skin fresh and radiant. Enriched with Polylift technology and Hyaluronic Acid, this foundation not only sculpts and lifts your skin but also imparts oodles of hydration to it. The unique color-adapting technology allows you to get a perfect match to your skin tone. It is also equipped with sun filters that shield your perfect complexion. Let the imperfections disappear and let your skin glow!


  • Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Features exquisite Polylift technology and color-adapting pigments
  • Offers beautiful dewy finish
  • Fragrance and Paraben Free
  • Made in Europe


Price – INR 575/- for 30ml

Buy Here –

Shelf Life –

2 years


Ingredient List



Product packaging

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation comes in a standard bright pink washed cardboard box packaging of Nykaa. It has all the product description and details on the box along with the mfg and expiry date. The main foundation comes in a sleek plastic bottle with a black twistable cap. The bottle has a nozzle to dispense the product with that I don’t found any problem infact I found it much easier than any other open foundation bottles to take out the product. the bottle also has all the description and shade name and expiry date as well.


Shades Available –

The Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation comes in 5 different shades which are –

Pure Ivory 01

Almond Beige 02

Warm Sand 03

True Tan 04

Golden Honey 05



Formula & Texture & Staying Power

The Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation has a very unique color- adapting formula. Basically what it does that it adapts the color of your skin tone when it comes to contact with your skin. It has some color changing pigments that does the job. That means, if you buy a shade lighter or darker to your skin tone its gonna adapt your skin color and matches you perfectly. That makes buying foundation online soooo much easier, which is great. Also it has hyaluronic acid which is great for skin. The texture is quite liquid-y almost on a runny side. The staying power of this foundation is stays on my skin upto 4-5 hrs after that it starts fading away from my chin , corners of my nose and mouth.



My thoughts on Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation

Ok! Let’s talk about my skin tone and type first. So I have a medium skin tone with yellow undertones and my skin type is oily (actually, quite oily). I have picked the shade 03 Warm Sand which matches my skin tone perfectly. Somewhere I feel that this foundation would suite normal to dry skin types better and combination skin types also, but for oily skin people like me……??? It’s not the best foundation for oily skin people I would say. That’s what I feel! The foundation is definitely does not have a matte finish as the name says it’s very hydrating and has a dewy finish. So if you have oily skin you’ll have to set this foundation with a compact powder or else the face will become shiny after few hrs. The coverage is very light to slightly medium (if you layer it up for 3 to 4 times) otherwise it’s a light coverage foundation. It gives a very natural and skin like finish which is very good for a daily basis. It lasts on my oily skin up to 4-5 hrs. After that it starts fading from the chin and corners of my nose and mouth.

I really like its color adapting technology very much. You can easily pick a shade lighter or darker to your skin tone when in doubt. That makes picking up the foundation online so easy. Over all I liked every thing about this foundation. BUT! What I really don’t like about this foundation is that it feels sooo much sticky and tacky on my skin while applying. I don’t know if it’s only me that feels the same. But it feels so sticky even after waiting for good 15-20 mins it was so sticky that I just can’t blend this foundation easily. I tried a foundation brush, I tried a buffing brush, I tried a beauty blender as well but it feels the same with everything .After almost half an hour the stickiness goes off. But who waits that long..?? Only this thing disappointed me so bad. I really liked all the things about this foundation except the stickiness.

PROs of Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation

Adapts skin color

Light weight

Natural skin like finish

Hydrating and dewy

Enriched with hyaluronic acid

Paraben Free


CONs of Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation

Feels so sticky while and after applying

Very light coverage

Stats fading after 4-5 hrs

Needs to be set with compact powder for oily skin types


Recommendation – I would only recommend this foundation to normal to dry skin people. And if oily people wanna try this foundation then make sure you set it with a powder.


Overall, I have a very mix feeling for this foundation. I like the color adapting technology and natural dewy finish that it gives, but I really don’t like the stickiness of this foundation at the same time. It’s not a bad product at all but it’s not the best either So it completely depends on your liking. You can give it a try at least once. And yes, I really hope that in future Nykaa would come up with their matte foundation as well with the same color adapting technology.

So, that was my review for Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation. Hope you all guys found this helpful. I’ll see you in my next post till then stay happy and beYOUtiful!


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